Thursday, November 13, 2008

to be a hero

I enjoy reading Gregg Easterbrook on While he can be insufferably arrogant at times, for the most part I like what he has to say. In this weeks itteration of Tuesday Morning Quarterback, he had this to say about what it means to be a Hero. I just thought I would pass it along.

"NFL Network is advertising Thursday's Jets-Patriots pairing with a commercial that shows Hackensack Brett (see below) and the word HERO in big letters, then talks about Favre as a "hero." People who make millions of dollars for chasing a ball are not heroes. Athletes work hard and can be role models, but nothing they do is heroic. A hero is someone who takes a risk, or engages in sacrifice, to serve others. Soldiers, firemen and police officers can become heroes. Teachers, social workers and religious figures can become heroes. By no stretch of the imagination has any NFL player ever done anything heroic on the playing field. It's one thing to admire NFL players and enjoy watching them perform. To hero-worship someone earning $12 million this year? Please NFLN, show a little perspective."

Right on!

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