Monday, October 20, 2008


Welcome to my blog,

The name will probably change. The set up will probably also change as I learn more about set-up, blog creation, etc. I realized a few months back that there are some things I would like to talk about, discuss, rant about, but have no method to do so. Hence the blog. I will thus spout my opinions out into cyberspace and imagine thousands of nameless faceless readers being astounded by what I have to say.

Really, besides ranting about random issues there are two things that I will probably be discussing on a regular basis, burgers and video games. I love myself a good burger and will keep a list of all the burger places I have tried and my thoughts on all of them. I will also post (sometime in the future) my philosophy on burgers (yes, i have a whole philosophy on what makes a good burger) as I think it is usefull and comprehensive. I also like a good video game, and am a moderate gamer. Those aren't my only likes, but just two things which I often want to share my opinion about and don't really get the chance to do so.

You, poor reader, will also be subject to my thoughts on driving a scooter, my new son, marriage, religion, politics, family, education, life in the Northwest, you name it.

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